What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi Chuan is a common sight every morning in china. It is a relaxing exercise that anyone can do and is believed to keep you healthy and young. Now medical research in the west has proved that it really is good for you. More...

Tai Chi combines martial arts skills with health exercises. These exercises are known in China as Qi Gong - Qi is believed to be the energy all around us and in our bodies, if it to flows smoothly then we become healthier and happier.

The martial arts side of Tai Chi helps you balance your body, and focus your mind. Over time, this training can build strength, stamina and flexibility along with real self defence skills. More...

What is Ting Jing?

Jing or Jin is strength, power or energy in the martial sense, it is a trained, cultivated strength as opposed to brute force. Ting is listening. Ting jing is listening, with the body not the ears, for an opponent's jing. More...

Tai Chi is renowned for its suitability for the frail and less healthy, but as with any exercise systems, if in doubt seek medical advice.


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